Dry Tortugas Seaplane - Full Day Tour

Dry Tortugas Seaplane Full Day  – Fort Jefferson National Park

70 miles west of the Florida Keys – you can discover the same natural beauty of this spectacular destination from your personal Dry Tortugas Seaplane Charter! Seaplanes are the fastest way to get to the Dry Tortugas, named for the giant sea turtles (“tortugas”) that Ponce de León’s 1513 expedition found there. The seaplane flight to the Dry Tortugas is so spectacular, it’s an attraction all its own. As you fly west to Dry Tortugas, you will cross over 70 miles of beautiful islands and ocean at an altitude so low that you may see dolphins, sharks, birds, sea turtles, coral atolls, and even historic shipwrecks.

Due to popularity and limited availability a”reservation request” form must be filled out. Please note, full payment is due at time of booking, and you will need to provide each passenger’s full name and approximate weight.

  • 8 AM Flight Daily
  • Flight Accommodates Maximum of Ten Passengers
  • Everybody Gets a Window Seat & Headset
  • Fun & Informative In Flight Narration

Fort Jefferson is considered a national park, which means that there are no roads or cars allowed.  The Dry Tortugas National Monument has been designated a national park since 1972. It is also known as the “Garden of Eden” because of its lush tropical vegetation. It was once used as a military base during World War II. The Dry Tortugas National Park covers an area of about 20 square miles and includes Fort Jefferson, Fort Zachary Taylor, Fort Jefferson Military Reservation, and Fort Jefferson State Historic Site.

Wildlife – Natural Marvels – Snorkeling Crystal Clear Waters

See a delightful display of wildlife and natural marvels. But that’s not all, look out for playful dolphins leaping through the waves, majestic sharks gliding beneath the surface, and a colorful assortment of birds soaring above the azure waters. Dry Tortugas by Seaplane flights are filled with incredible sights! As you approach the National Park, get ready to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring beauty of coral atolls. These delicate underwater ecosystems teem with life, showcasing a vibrant array of fish and other marine creatures. Additionally, be on the lookout for graceful sea turtles effortlessly gliding through the crystal-clear waters, adding a touch of wonder to your adventure.

See Historic Shipwrecks

Book your spot now and prepare for an extraordinary journey like no other! And that’s not all – history buffs and explorers will be thrilled to know that the ocean beneath you conceals secrets from the past. Furthermore, the region boasts a number of historic shipwrecks, which tell fascinating tales of maritime adventures gone by. Immerse yourself in history and uncover the rich stories that surround the area. Daily Flights: Dry Tortugas Seaplane – Half Day & Dry Tortugas Seaplane – Full Day 

70 miles west of the Florida Keys – you can discover the same natural beauty of this spectacular destination from your Dry Tortugas Seaplane Charter! Everyone get a window seat and a headset.

Make sure to reserve your spot in advance for this extraordinary seaplane tour as seating is limited. Furthermore, the National Park Service strictly controls the number of daily passengers, and during the peak season, the demand far exceeds the available capacity. But to avoid disappointment, book well in advance to guarantee availability. Don’t miss an opportunity to discover a world of marine life and natural wonders during our seaplane flight to Fort Jefferson / Dry Tortugas National Park. Book your spot now and prepare for an extraordinary journey like no other!

Dry Tortugas Seaplane

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NOTE: This is a reservation request, NOT A BOOKING.

The National Park Service strictly limits the number of visitors per day. Demand for seats is far greater than our small capacity. Typically, we sell out around 14 days in advance. At peak times such as holidays, we may sell out up to 3 months in advance.

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